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Peace of Mind Means Choice

Many of the services included in Total IT Management are available a la carte. We work closely with you to make sure your particular needs are met. To get the IT support your business needs, trust iRemoteUSA to deliver flexible simple and low cost solutions. Built on the principles of  co-management and out-tasking, these services supplement the experience of your in-house staff to anticipate, identify, and resolve issues  accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively, freeing up your IT team to focus more on core business priorities.  According to the highly regarded Gartner Group, over 70% of IT support for infrastructure services can be performed from a remote location and reduce labor costs by 10-50% depending on IT depending on IT resource locations, delivering over 30% net savings in cost in many applications.

















Services Benefit Your Organization?

We can work with you to build a unique service or solution in the following areas: networks, systems and storage, intrusion prevention, and unified communications.         Here are just some of the benefits you can expect:                         Scalable Levels of Service Every organization's needs are different. That's why we'll build a service level that's specific to yours.         24x7x365 Remote Hands On Capability  We maintain an agreed-upon, constant  connection to your network.

Protecting Your Critical IT Systems

Today's business environment demands a reliable always on environment that supports distributive computing, identifies system failures before they become catastrophic, and network penetration in real time, enhancing preemptive response, mobility and a reliable systems platform to support corporate and customer goals and expectations.

What Are Remote Managed Services?

iRemoteUSA's Managed Services offerings allow you to contract with iRemoteUSA for support of your dedicated networks, systems, databases & select applications at your facility or ours. Our modular approach to system management allows you to select services that best support your organization's individaul goals and current capabilities.


iRemoteUSA knows that once you experience the confidence, ease reliability and cost savings with iRemoteUSA, you will be a client for life!                                           That's why we require no long term commitments, or contracts that tie you up.  You will stay with us because you want to!                  Give us a call today and find out how we can beat your expectations by  embracing the iRemoteUSA solution.


24/7 Online Support




iRemoteUSA has the resources and expertise to deliver the highest quality services with predictable and consistent results.

iRemoteUSA offers a global reach that is  virtually without parallel! Focus is maintained on            automation, easy solutions and rapid implementation.

Your iRemoteUSA Account Manager and  certified specialists are ready to assist you with every phase of  choosing and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment.   Our approach includes:

- An initial discovery session to understand your goals, requirements, and budget.                     - An assessment review of your existing environment and definition  of project requirements. - Detailed vendor evaluations,  recommendations, future design and proof of concept. - Procurement, configuration, and deployment of the final    solution.                                 - Ongoing product lifecycle support.

iRemoteUSA's Managed Service  offerings allow you to contract with  iRemoteUSA for support of your dedicated networks, systems, databases, & select applications at your facility or ours.      Our modular approach to system management allows you to select services that best support your organization's individual goals and current capabilities.


- Lowers operational costs, avoiding downtime, typically by 40%, with  minimal up-front costs.        - Comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for server, storage, network and middleware                                                                                                                               - Enables you to focus on your core business and leave the IT  management to certified and experienced subject matter experts.                                                                                           - Offers both agent and  agent-less  approaches depending on your  requirements for advanced      management functions.                                                                                                             - Improves infrastructure availability with 24x7 proactive monitoring                                                - Provides real-time reports,  automated notifications and alerts.



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